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Empire's Strike SALE

Empire's Strike SALE

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4. Proffie 2.2 board Core Features

Customization: The Proffie 2.2 board offers the full customization of and ability to add new soundfonts, blade lighting effects, blade colors, motion effects, and much more.

12 Pre-Installed Blade colors: 12 different blade colors changeable at the press of a button (RedGreenBluePurpleOrangeYellowPink and their shades in between). You can install as many custom colors as you like.

22 Pre-installed Soundfonts: Saber sound board has 22 different soundfonts and blade lighting effects that go along. You can add your own soundfonts and blade lighting effects.

Blade lighting effects: Color Change, Blaster Deflection, Saber Lock-up effect, Flash-On-Clash, Stab, Tip Melt, Rainbow, Blade Spin, neutral light, stable and unstable colors.

Sound Effects: the Neopixel board offers pre-installed sound effects that go along with blaster deflection, saber lock-up, stab effect, tip melt effect, and background music.

Smoothswing: Saber makes realistic lightsaber noises in response to motion. The latest soundboard provides precise and controlled saber movement sounds.

Flash-on-clash: When two saber blades hit each other or other objects they produce a characteristic lightsaber flash.

Rechargeable battery: built-in recharge port with a powerful rechargeable battery removes the need to constantly replace AAA batteries. Battery charger provided.

Extended battery: While most sabers utilize a 1200mAh battery, this saber contains a more powerful 3600mAh rechargeable battery.

Advanced audio: Powered by High-Quality Speakers with a 2/3 Watt & 4/8 ohm system

Blade: made our of durable polycarbonate. Inside an Extremely Bright 50-Watt NeoPixel LED Strip.

Hilt: made out of Airplane Grade Aluminum

Specialized hilt design: This hilt utilizes a unique design that sets it apart from the rest of our collection, utilizing specialized parts and materials. 



Proffie V2.2 Neopixel Specifications

Light type: 50 Watt
Light colors: Variable (Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Pink, and their shades in between)
Battery type: Rechargeable (18650 5V, 1A Battery 3200mAh)


5.What’s in the box?

1 Hilt

1 Blade 

charging cord

1 Hex key

Extra screws

Instruction manual

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