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Tano 2

Tano 2

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Please request blade sizes in order message: common request is 32" for main and 24" for shoto

Material: 6063 Aluminum Alloy, Polycarbonate Blade

2/3 watt , 4/8 ohm speaker

Features: Pre-power on, Blaster, Lockup, Flash on Clash,Volume adjustment, Force, Music, Blade style selection

Safety features: Battery backwards protect, Overload protection, Over discharge protection

7/8" Blade 

XENO V3 RGB and Pixel

* Mobile App Capable
* Accent Swings
* Smoothswing
* One button configuration
* Programmable 16gb SD card
* Preprogrammed customizable blade effects
* 34 fonts preinstalled
deep sleep adjustment
Accent Swings added
App controlled color pallete and numeric sync
volume app controlled 1-100 dial in
bluetooth firmware upgradable via app or via SD card manually
flash on clash toggle on/off
Blade brightness Adjustable
Blade length adjustable
Crossguard side blade adjustments
Side blade delay adjustments
Audio Cue for Hilt Commands
Gesture Control Adjustable
gesture control sensitivity adjustment
adjustable light effect timing
Blade Mode Toggle on / off
blade speed ignition control
11 default blade modes (adding more future firmware)
Smooth Swing
Multiple colors
Blaster Block
Tip drag
Flash on clash Control
Clash Sensitivity Adjustment
Multiple Soundfonts
Force Effects
drag effect.
Multiple Bladestyles (more in future firmware
Pre in
side out
Multiple ignition styles

Baselit RGB: Safety protected battery, 12 watt RGB LED , 2mm thickness  Poly blade

Xenopixel: 3600 Mah 18650 3.7V safety protected battery, 3mm thickness  50 Watt 5050 RGB neopixel strip blade 

Proffie 2.2: 3600 Mah 18650 3.7V safety protected battery, 3mm thickness 50 Watt 5050 RGB neopixel strip blade, 32 sound fonts

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