I just received my saber, what do I do first?

Charge it! Although it may power on and function, most batteries will need a good charge. Charging can take from 1 to 3 hours initially. 

Next locate the parts bag which contains the allen key wrench and the small hex head screws. These will go into the hilt end to secure the blade when it is inserted. Be careful and take your time, they should easily screw in. 

Read over the instruction manual for the particular model saber and soundboard you have. There are different settings and procedures to try out and enjoy.

Some sabers will include a USB stick which contains the factory default saber settings stored on it. 


What charger should I use for my saber? 

Sabers should be charged with no more than a 5volt 1 amp charger. Anything higher may burn out the board. Do not use a fast charger, etc. 


What are the differences between Baselit and "pixel" sabers? 

A baselit saber is lit by a high powered LED light contained within the saber hilt. Think of it like a flashlight where the light illuminates a hollow polycarbonate tube. The blade illuminates in one step and still provides interactive flashes and effects to coincide with the sounds in the soundboard.

A "pixel" saber places the light effects in the BLADE , not the hilt. Inside the polycarbonate tube are LED strips with hundreds of led's that can address each  individually. This allows the light effects to travel up, down and light patterns throughout the blade, creating a mor immersive experience. Besides being a better mainboard , the blade itself creates a higher cost. 

Are these sabers duel capable?

Many styles ARE duel worthy. Generally it is not recommended for "thin neck" styles. You can specify 3mm thickness blades if you wish, as these are more sturdy for dueling. Dueling damage is not covered under warranty. 

What is a blade plug?

A blade plug is a decorative piece that fits in the end of the hilt when the blade is not attached. Is provides a nice aesthetic look but more importantly, on baselit blades it protects the user from having the bright LED shining into their eyes. 

What are the soundboard differences? 

Baselit RGB styles- usually the basic board with fewer soundfonts , a more basic smoothswing effect but stilll quite capable and enjoyable

"Pixel" boards- usually contain more fonts, better sound and a better smoothswing experience. 

Golden Harvest (GHv3)

A soundboard created by Sabertec (SaberTec ). The board is an end user configurable board with settings, fonts and many other features that can be tweaked and added to the users liking. All updates and settings are done on the SD card inserted into the board.

Any alterations to the base configuration are at the risk of the consumer and NOT covered under warranty. 


A board designed by Fredrik Hubinette (Proffieboard V2 (hubbe.net) )which is considered as the MOST tune-able of all the current soundboards. The board must have it's configuration uploaded onto it. It is Arduino based and can enable a user to create incredible levels of custom sounds and blade styles and features. 

 Any alterations to the base configuration are at the risk of the consumer and NOT covered under warranty.